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Past News

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Read Thie's Lastest News or choose from the track seasons below. There have been many thrilling, triumphant and occasionally traumatic times over the past couple of years. These articles have followed James and his exhilarating career. From his first victory in the USA, to his engagement to Alex, to having to sleep in a car in California with no money, just an energy bar to see him through the next race.
Trust me, its been memorable.

JUNE 2007- Winning Big Road mile

mizuno mile win:
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30th May 2005 - Eugene, Oregon
Today marks the 30th Anniversary of the death of the great Steve Prefontaine. It has even more significance as we are currently staying in Eugene ...Read More

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10th May 2005 - Albuquerque
Sorry, my updates are never as fully coming as my racing program …maybe that’s why! Well the base work is in, a great month training in New Mexico with Neil Speaight (1:45- 800m)...Read More

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past News
In true Thie style James wins and races across the world. From Seattle to Brazil. Read the latest news from the international athlete.


Indoor 2005
A Packed season with races all over the globe. James positions 5th in the Europeans after a National medal in the 800m and wins in New York. James also asks proposes to girlfriend Alex in their favorite place in NYC, Coogans Restaurant.


Indoor 2004
James believes he is 5th in the World Championships - before the recent news that he was promoted to 4th place after a failed drug test. Thie runs a 2000m meter Welsh record, alongside wins in Bermuda and New York. A National silver at the AAA's in Sheffield after a gaining silver just hours before in New York


Outdoor 2004
Double wins for Thie within 24 hours in Philadelphia and Falmouth, USA alongside wins in Oregon and Seattle.