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Past Online Diary entries:

Road trip round Europe brings big success.

The last few weeks as seen me racing a fair bit all over europe and have gained good success on my travels.

Before hitting the road, i had a few big Uk races left and first it was the BMC final at Eton on 13th August. In terrible weather i took 2nd in the 1500m, but was a race to forget. On the 16th it was the Mizuno Peterborough mile, the days leading in my achilles was a wreck. I felt good running and was leading at 1400m but i think too many anti-flams caught up with me and i ended up 8th in 4:04- very disappointed. The following week i race in the Sydney Wooderson 800m in London. I ran a seasons best in wet conditions to take 3rd place in 1:50.66.

My achilles had turned a corner again and was feeling much better. I took this form on to the Mizuno International Road mile at Stormont, Ireland. The race has at uphill start then 800m down hill before a flat last 500m. I felt ok but not great ended up 2nd in 3:54 behind a very good kenyan. Two days later i was off to Belguim for the Antwerp international. I had a solid race and took 3rd behind two Kenyans running 3:43.5 with a 40+ last 300m. For this effort i won 30 euros and a pineapple!

The next race i was off to the Aarthus Games in Denmark on the 4th Sept. I was running the 3000m and the pace wasn't that quick and i was able to ease to a 8:06.44 win. In second was a kenyan who was 4th in their 10000m Olympic trials.

The friday was a 12 hour trip accross Europe to get to Interlaken, a small Swiss mountain town. The evening i was towing the line in the Interlaken international road mile. The race was run in very wet weather and i felt slightly tired from the 3000m . I took 2nd behind a very good ethiopian and it was a really good event to take part in. The mile finish was in a Marquee- which was different and created a great atmosphere.

This is one race i want to go back next year and win for sure!

Next up is the Reebok Bristol Road mile on the 13th Sept, then hopefully the New York 5th Av  mile, but still waiting to see if they will give me a lane on that wide road!!

Watch this space!

Check out a great interview that i have done on

I have also added a blog to in support of a great website.

Also a lot of my recent recovery and success has been down to using a new training aid- The Stick. I massage stick that really does help muscles -pre and post training, i really suggest that any serious runners try and check one out.

best wishes and always above all 'run hard, be strong and think big'

james thie

6th at Olympic trials and sub 4 @morton mile..

Again my career has never gone quite to plan and at the Olympic trials this was becoming true again.

My training going in was very good, but in the days leading up to the champs my achilles was starting to hurt again and my heat days was very painful. I ran a good race in the heats just following fellow 30 year old mike East. We have been racing each other for years and it was no surprise when we started to pull away with 250m to go. I eased up at the end and was passed by young talent Ricky Stevenson, but knew we had a big gap to 4th with to 3 straight through.  After the heat my achilles was very bad and had some treatment which seemed to help. I went to bed that night thinking that i might not be able to start or finish, let alone get in the race for medals.

I started at a solid pace and kind of ran around in a trance of thinking about my achilles the end result was 6th in 3:41.1 a seasons best and only 1.2secs off a medal and only 2.5secs off gold. Thats how close it is and this is off a very bad achilles and not being able to run over 40mins for a while (with anything on a bike!) Still i was very disappointed as i was 6th 8 years ago in 2000 and 5th four years later, talk about progress!! But people keep telling me i should be proud to still be in the mix and even after all the problems, but im left with the felling of 'what if??'.

The achilles is still hurting but i decided that ive gone too far to stop until i cant run a step further. Week after the trials i took 2nd in the BMC at manchester in 3:45.3- i led as pace maker messed up. 59/2:02/2:48 then i kicked a 56.8 last 400m but got pipped on line.

I then race in the Morton Mile in Dublin and ran a solid sub 4 with 3:58.05 just 0.3secs off my best ever.

Morton Mile

Place Name Club Time

1 Rob Myers USA/NIKE       3.56.23

2 Will Leer USA/NIKE         3.56.75

3 Stephen Pifer USA/NIKE   3.57.27

4 Collis Birmingham AUS/NB    3.57.62

5 Youcef Abdi AUS/NIKE      3.57.71

6 James Thie WAL/NYAC 3.58.05

7 Graeme Wells CAN   3.58.22

8 Darren Brown USA    3.58.35

9 John Jefferson USA/OCT    3.59.55

10 David Campbell IRL/NIKE  4.00.14

11 Brian Olinger USA/REEBOK   4.00.19

12 Mark Hanrahan IRL   4.00.73

13 Mark Christie IRL     4.09.11

I then travelled the next morning to Nottingham and took the Tim weatherall mile in 4:02.1, a tired win but pleasing after a busy few weeks. The next morning i ran easy 10km with steve jones and nick rose at the great welsh run. This was great fun to run with two legends of the sport and also support Cystic Fibrosis who i was running for.

My next race is the British league and then the BMC final at Eton the following week. So hopefully my achilles can hold out!! 

james heads into Olympic Trials...ready to roll.

It been a struggle, but i can see the light and im enjoying my running. When it clicks, it is easy, and everything flows. But it does not happen often, and i have waited three years for this feeling again. But with the trials this week, no better time for it to return.

Its been the normal crazy last few weeks, first the none running stuff. It was a honour to be made an Ambassador for Asthma Uk, and attened their summer ball at the Dorchester, London. It is a pleasure to work with kids with asthma and show that having it does not make you slow!

More running related it was nice to be told by US friend and Olympic runner Jon Riley that i was in the Eugene Register-Guard paper! This was during the Olympic trials and it was about a message i left at 'pre's rock about sam haughian. Check it out.

Also i have just been asked for an interview by Sam Burke who runs the site runnerstribe. I really like this new running site so check it out. The postive comments from my website are always nice to come by. This website was set up at first to keep my friends and family in touch with my success and failure when i was racing abroad every weekend. But i also wanted to put training and information about myself, so help younger athletes realise that with hard work and some talent, success is possible.

Racing wise things have also gone well. I did though run a rather slow 800m in Ireland in shitty weather, so 1:52 was a bit slower than planned. I did though get up at 5am the next morning and caught a flight to manchester. A few hours later i was winning the Mizuno Horwich road mile by 10secs with 4:17 in terrible weather. A good weekends work after some hard sessions during the week as well.

The friday after was my 30th Birthday and i had to wait the next day to celebrate and i won the Solihull BMC 1500m. I ran very controlled and enjoyed another seasons best with 3:42.08.

Since then i have had my head down training for the trials, sessions have gone well and my confidence is high. Success is a combine effort of both mind and body, so when in shape you have to believe. I for the first time in years.......i f**king believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have also added a blog to in support of a great website.

Also a lot of my recent recovery and success has been down to using a new training aid- The Stick. I massage stick that really does help muscles -pre and post training, i really suggest that any serious runners try and check one out.

best wishes and always above all 'run hard, be strong and think big'

james runs fastest 1500m in almost three year.

First off i have to say sorry for the delay in updating the site. This is normally because if injuired and have nothing to say, but this time around its because i have been so bsuy training and racing back to full health.

Since my last post, my achilles did flair up again, to a point i had to miss the national road relays and the Bristol 10km. I did though have a final epidural on the 31st april which did the trick and saved my summer.

I did though for the first time in a while have some great medical support. Michael Davison of Pure sports medicine offered to support me through my injury. This was great news as i was unclear what to do if the achilles got worse. I was booked in to see the best guy in the World for Achilles Dr Alfredson in the middle May. It was for that reason that i tried the epidural one more time, and i was lucky it worked. I still saw Dr Alfredson, who said my achilles now looked in great shape and just to go for it!

Only 10 days after the injection i was fit enough to race in New York, in The New Balance last chance meetiong. Off one session in three weeks, i was just happy to be in spikes with no pain! For My NYAC club i cruised to a three second win with 3:48.30 1500m.

A hard weeks training and i ran a solid 8:10.55 3000m the week after. I followed this up with an Inter counties mile silver medal for the third time.

Training continued and i was asked by the IMC to pace a big mile race over in Ireland. I felt much better again and hit 3:00 -1200m and kicked myself for not kepping going as felt great!

I then was backed to what i do best a road mile in Windsor for the Dreams come true charity. I had my best friend jimmy watkins to pace me for 600m, and i was still 2:01 at the half. But this first half was uphill and then a u-turn was hard, with last half into wind! So a flat out mile = 4:13!

This blow out set me up for the BMC elite meeting at watford on the 14th june. I had the small detail of my mums wedding that day and eating the largest piece of apple pie 4 hours before! still managed to run 3:42.4-1500m  and had loads left and cant wait for a non stress day race day! got back at 1am and was off to the welsh champs the next day. I won my 1500m heat jogging, but my necck was very stiff after, so pulled out of final as all my achilles pain was linked to my back/neck- so trying to be clever!

I have a busy weekend coming up with an 800m in ireland saturday and then a road mile in manchester sunday. Then its my 30th birthday on the friday before solihull bmc. Before a two good week blocks before the Olympic trials!

I have also added a blog to in support of a great website.

Also a lot of my recent recovery and success has been down to using a new training aid- The Stick. I massage stick that really does help muscles -pre and post training, i really suggest that any serious runners try and check one out.

james to open 2008 summer season in NYC.

This has again been another testing month, as some of my achilles problems have returned. I have found myself at a cross road where i rest and give up my summer dreams or try and manage the problem.

At the moment its the later, mostly because i have put too much hard work in just to give up, plus im in quite good shape!

Since my last post i took 2nd in the Asthma 10km in terrible conditions. I also broke the record for the Blackweir time trial 5km race a week later.

The has also been time for two more Canix races, one down in Cornwall and the other in Stafford. The puppy 'Pre' is getting better with every race and we won both with room to spare.

Training wise the sessions have progressed and i have managed some solid 400 and 200m session off short recovery. The achilles is though still sore and i have not yet been in spikes. The aim is a second epidural next week, which worked so well last time that it could hold off surgry abit longer!

Next up is the National 12 stage relay this saturday for Cardiff AAC. Followed by the Bristol 10km race 9 days later. The plan is then to make my season debut on teh track in New York in the NB Qualifing meeting, where i will run the mile. metting info :

This therefore is crunch time, i either get the spikes on and run fast, or blow up trying!!

james back on track and ready for Asthma UK 10km race on 22nd .

Last night saw a huge step for myself as i was on the track for the first time since November and only the second time since july. The weather was far from a nice july evening with windy, wet and cold conditions but my 10 x 400m (1min rec) went well with a 63.0 av 0.5 inside my aim, felt good and a great feeling to back on track!

Training has progressed really well, even with a few minor set backs. I feel fit and everything is really starting to move forward. Alot of this has been down to a new strength and conditioning work aimed at making the back stronger. Every wednesday for the last 10 weeks i have bee travelling up to London by bus- leaving as early as 5am and getting back as late as 8pm. The clinic is called Back 2 Normal, which was sorted out my brilliant achilles Doc Nat Padihair. The team at back to normal, TJ, Monika and James, worked out a great program for me and having just been re-tested i have improved in every aspect and my muscle endurance has gone up by 50%! For the first time in my career i have no lower back pain and feel when im running like my body is more even, overall im very ready for the summer challenge!

My next race is tomorrow in the Asthma UK 10km race at Dorney lake Windsor.



james makes it three wins in three .

Its been another funny old month, my achilles played up before the welsh nationals so had to sit it out. It has got better and allowed me to win the gwent league cross country race the week after by over a minute. This was a good return to the same venue i won my last gwent league race at only 10 years before! this was as a junior so i didnt quite expect a 10 year gap- but its funny how things work out.

This race was followed by one of a different nature....crufts! Yes me and my puppy pre- took on a dog and owner race at the famous dog show. We speedly went ran the 1.8km course in 4:50 for the crufts title! A great day out thanks to and got to stand on the winners green grass at crufts sonmething every dog owner dreams of!.

This sunday it was back to cross-country and the end of a short season for me! i managed a 1min 58sec win in the West glamorgan league which was great fun.

Next up is just some hard training and hopefully will stay injury free!!

james back in action after another long injury layoff.

After the last post on the 12th Nov, i didnt think it would be three months till the next- so im sorry but heres why!

Things looked good in November a solid 4th in the Gateshead international x-c and then i went to bahrain with the SAAD team and had an a great few days with some very successful racing. On my return i felt great, but in the first week of december my achilles pain was back. The problem was as bad as before and ven with another injection in mid dec- didnt respond. I was therefore left to sit out my normal holiday races and felt terrible as was also ill. On jan 1st i bought a cross trainer and started back doing some fittness stuff on it and working up to almost two hours on the the thing!

I then had a new treatment on 19th jan which was an epidural into the back with the hope of helping my achilles. Three days later i was running 2miles pain free and a week later 10miles.

I made a low key start to racing with a new event called CaniX- which is running with your dog. My pup called Prefontaine- after the 1970's US athlete! loves to run and therefore seemed a great idea. The both of us won the 6km x-c event in Findshade woods and now head to Crutfs (the dog Olympics!) on march 7th to try and keep our 100% record! so watch this space. There is also a British champs and a European champs later in the year which will both have our eyes on!! check out for info on:

This race set me up great for a return to cross-country. I have done a few 4km races and even a mile in november. But it has been 7 years since my laste long course race - 12th @BUSA in 2001, and 9 years since my last gwent league!

So it would have been a surprise to many when i made the start line on the 9th Feb in Brecon for the Gwent league fixture 4. I was unsure of how to pace in and ended a solid 2nd place in 35:25mins, which is a long time to be racing!

This leads now on to the Welsh Championships in Swansea on teh 24th Feb, which will be alot tougher affair.

Hopefully my training will be good in the time between as i hope now to have a good few month to lead me into the summer and the British Olympic team.


and always above all 'stay postitive'

james thie
james takes 4th in Gateshead international!!!
Just last week my world came crashing down again, pain in the achilles! I couldnt run more than a 800m on tuesday the 29th of October, i thought my career or at least my Olympic dreams were gone. I called the doctor to book in to see what had happened this time, and also called a friend to try and sell my plane tickets to Newcastle for the Gateshead International races less than two weeks later. It turned out too much money to transfer, but he decided to race, so got his own ticket and said i would still travel to watch.
The pain in the achilles was though slightly different to before, as the day after my 800m hobble i managed a two runs but still had pain. By friday it felt aboput 80% so i still raced in the Bath Victoria 4 mile road race. This race tells me where im at and what needs doing, as in 2004 i ran 20:08 and went on to 4th in the world indoors. Last year i ran 20:33 and still made the european indoor final. So after a strange week i was happy with a 20:13 clocking, and felt ok. I could still feel the pain the next day in my 10 mile run, so just wanted to know what the score was with the Doctor the next day.
After travelling to london, a few test and a scan later, i was given the all clear! A irriatated nerve on the same place i had my achilles problems, and my actual tendon was in great health. So pleased, i hit some good training during the week and ended up on the track for the first time since june (well i raced on july 1st- but i mean for training!!). I hit 10x 400m with a good group including jimmy watkins and i averaged 62.5 and ran the last in 58.1- without forcing it.
This took me into the Gateshead Interntional x-c mile two days later feeling very good. My friend Chris Moss who almost bought my ticket travelled wioth me, as did international Steve Davies (who found out about the race from chris!) After leaving home at before 5:45am we had a great road/flight trip up north to Newcastle. Got the race 90 mins before, and got involved in a crazy short x-c race. I was really pleased as moved from around 10th with 400m to go into 4th place just out kicking steve but not catching mossy! I took 300 for my effort and after the 10 days i had i was very pleased. Also this came after only being back in training for a few weeks.
I think this last few months have taught me that yo don't lose all those years and years of hard training. Before the last injury and the three months off i had only missed a hand full of weeks in 10 years. Which now have ehelped me get back far quicker than i could have hoped.
Now i have one clear goal...stay injury free and see where it takes me!!!
Second Achilles injection has the end!!!
The last time i wrote i was just getting back into light training after an injection in my achilles to cure my long standing injury. At first it looked to have worked but after a few longer runs the pain was back and i was back to square one. I went back to the doctor who wanted to give one more injection before going down the route of an operation. This time the injection did the trick and after another 10 days off running, i started back pain free!
Its been well over 9 months since i could wake up and not limp around for a while to warm my achilles up. This was a great relief and gave me the belief i can get back to full fitness. It has been a real struggle to find my running legs after the longest time off for 10 years, but slowley they are returning. After only 10 days and one meduim session (2 x 2miles) i was asked to run for Cardiff in the national relays championships. I Took over in 10th palce and my lack of fitness sore us drop to 15th, but i was still in one piece at the end and not in pain (well not in the achilles!).
The plan in to get back to what i know works for me, and that means aiming for the indoors. It is easier to follow the path you know well and my body response to the training quicker than training its not use to. I enjoy the challenge indoors and feel that i might to have too many seasons left, so don't want to miss one.
If my i can stay injury free and run a season without pain, i wonder what i can really achieve. Its been one injury/illness after another since april 2004, and that was just after 4th in world indoors. So anything is possible with a good run of luck!
My next meduim aim is to run very well for my middle east team SAAD, which i compete for in the bahrain international relays. The event is on the 19th november and neil speaight have added interest this year as we helped pick to UK SAAD team.
I will uplaod my training in the next few weeks and you hopefully see how quickly i progress towards the World indoors in spain this march!
Achilles injection has success.
Im really sorry it has been the best part of two months since my last post. For those that checked back and follow the sport it was clear to see that my achilles injury had not cleared up. Since the malmo race i had on a few more training runs before having stop. I trained in the pool for a month in the hope i could sort the injury out but had no luck. I was forced to see more specialist in London to try and sort the issue out. An injection into the tendon a few weeks ago seems to have helped, but i have still not run and i am waiting for the green light.
It has been a very tough last few months, the pain of not racing and training is hard mentally but the loss of prize winnings has an effect on my everyday life. Still i am trying o be postitive and thinking that this isnt that bad after 10 years of interntional racing. Its the longest time i have had off in that time and has given me alot to the think about.
My aim and focus is all about next year with the Olympics. I missed the last one in the 1500m by 0.8secs - so i want it bad next year. My goal is to have a strong winter, with less indoor races and more cross country for a change. I need to go back to basics and get strong after this time out, plus a fresh challenge will help me in the long run.
I am also looking into other possible moves, as i am miler but might look at adding some barriers to get where i want to go! but that would take a very good winter, so watch this space and hopefully soon i will post a preview of my video which could be called 'Chasing dreams'....or something like that!
Thanks for reading and as i said watch this space!

"its more than just a race....." Steve Prefontaine (5km legend)

cheers and run hard
james thie
James has injury nightmare in double 1500m races.
Since my last post my first two big 1500m have come and gone, but one thing that has stayed is the pain in my achilles tendons.
My prep for the Watford BMC went well, but the pain had already started to creep in and i was hoping that i would fine come race day. The week of the race saw a nice touch with a letter in to Athletics weekly praising myself and the website which is really nice.
Back on track a week before Watford i ran the welsh league just to turn the legs over and ran slightly slower than i hoped with a 1:54.0 800m and 53.1 400m. Still had ran some good sessions and was pleased with my speed, well in training not racing!
The Watford BMC was held in poor weather with a cool, windy and wet night. I ran ok avoiding a big pile up mid race, after having to stop and go round the fallen runners. I placed 5th in 3:42.75, which was quicker than the whole of last summer, but my achilles felt very bad after.
The problem was i was off to malmo the next morning to race in the GP meeting i won last year. The achilles didnt really improve and by race day i was thinking of pulling out. I didnt i tough it out but didnt feel good 13th in 3:45.95, so very disppointed and i am hoping to get them sorted this week.
I will keep you all posted about my progress and hopefully i can get them sorted in the next few days. I still feel if i can get them right i am ready to run fast the 3:42 shows that and if i can run on my toes that would be even better!
                      am                    pm

s 17 th             7miles easy with crammy and tim hutchings reebok work- hard day!!    

m 18th            10miles steady        weights

t 19th              4miles easy             4x600m + 6x150m

                                        av.1:26.7- ok session- wet and windy

w 20th             10miles steady

t 21st                4easy                        8x200m (3rec)

                                       av 25.2 pleased with speed fastest 24.7

f 22nd                                     4easy

s 23rd              2miles easy           800m 1st 1:54.0 400m 3rd 53.1

s 24th              12 miles easy 

m 25th            4easy                      6x300m (2.5rec) 

                            av 40.10- good sess- achilles bad on warm down 

t 26th          4easy                         4easy- massage- achilles good

w 27th            3x300m 3x200 3x100m    (2/4rec)

                            av 40.1/25.7/12.4

* birthday - which was a fun day.

t 28th          4easy                        4easy

f 29th                      3easy and strides

s 30th          2easy                          watford bmc 1500m 5th 3:42.75

s 1st            fly- malmo         4easy with john riley/chris solinsky

s 2nd           2easy                         malmo gp 1500m 13th 3:45.95

m 3rd         fly- rest- legs bad

t 4th                                      gym and aqua jogging


"its more than just a race....." Steve Prefontaine (5km legend)

cheers and run hard
james thie
James comes back from BMC disappointment to Mile victory.
Track always throws up many highs and low, but the important thing is dealing with both and coming back stronger.
The above statement is the same as last week, but has even more meaning after the last few days!
First off the 5000m debut at the BMC manchester. I was ready to roll, but my old issue with hayfever came back to ruin the day! The pollum count was high and i hoped that i would be fine, but from the start i never felt good. I passed the first mile in 4:26 but never settled, i got to two miles in 8:56 which is when i called it a day. I was not feeling good and would not have hit the time i felt i should have. Also in the back of mind i had the mile race with good prize money the following wednesday. Running yourself into the ground is ok somedays, but other days ypu still have to pay the bills!
I felt really down the next few days and another problem came up again- linked to the food poisoning i got at the commonwealths last year. It means that stressful situations can mean i start to pass blood, which is what happened monday and tuesday. This along with my hayfever left me feeling really low. I did managed some solid strides with good running friends neil speaight and vince wilson, and just tried to stay positive.
The mizuno mile on the 13th june attacted alot of good runners as the 1st prize of 1000, was alot for a UK race. 8 Africans, 1 aussie and some good brits towed the line at 7pm. The straight road ahead saw the lead africans go out at a super fast pace, i sat back off the pace but felt good. From 800m to 1200m i moved up and decided i felt good so hit the front 400m out. I ran strong till the last 50m but held on and was delighted to hit the line first!
                      am                    pm

w 6th     11miles steady

t 7th       5miles easy                 10x200m (30rec) @28.8

f 8th       6miles easy

s 9th     3miles easy                  5km dnf (@2miles 8:56)

s 10th   11miles easy

*long day as drove to cambridge after race last night to work at the race for life sunday morning. 4 hours sleep then back up at 7am- and there till 5pm! but still got a good 11miles in neil speaight which made me feel better!

m 11th  4miles easy                 6x200m (200jog rec) @27.9

*good strides- vince wilson jumped and helped. In flats and was pleased with a relaxed 26.1 last.

t 12th    4miles easy                 6x100m (45rec) on road in flats

w 13th   2miles easy           ROAD MILE 1st 4:01.19 

*1000- sweet! after the week and not feeling good- feel asleep during the day which is not like me at all, but i think it was just my body telling i needed rest! still a win and 4:01 shows im in good shape.

t 14th      15miles steady             weights & massage

f  15th       5miles easy                  3mile tempo @14:48

*tired today but solid tempo and will do some short hills tomorrow to turn the legs over.

s 16th       4miles easy

JUNE 2007- Winning Big Road mile

mizuno mile win:
  Edit Text
James heads to BMC Manchester for track 5000m senior debut.
Track always throws up many highs and low, but the important thing is dealing with both and coming back stronger.
The inter-counties mile didnt go to plan last monday, the weather was very bad at 5 degrees, very windy and wet. The race went out super slow- as the plan to run fast would have been a waste of time. But it was one of those races that nothing seem to happen and i didnt get out when i needed at 250m to go. I must have kicked three times before i did get out and by then the race was gone. I took the silver medal  0.4secs down but knew it was there with better tactics, but that doesnt get the race back!
After that race i was still hoping to get the nod for the Glasgow international 1500m, but even as a European indoor finalist- i was not given a chance. They would rather have 7 kenyans than a brit that has always turned out for his country and made a championship final in Great Britain three months ago!! but thats just the way you get treated sometimes- but again the let downs only make me come back stronger!
My next race is the BMC up in Manchester where i am making my senior debut in the 5000m. I am really looking forward to it, well im abit scared but it is further than i have raced on the track since 1996. That was the last time i ran a track 5000m- as an under 20- i ran 15:27.0- so i should be in for a big pb!
Again all my training from the last week is below and hopefully it will put me in good shape for the 12.5 laps!
                      am                    pm

f 25th        6miles easy/steady    7miles with jonny and notman

s 26th      8x200m strides @28's   5miles easy

s 27th                           6.5miles easy

m 28th                   Inter-counties mile silver medal- 4miles w/d

t 29th        5miles easy              4x800m (6rec)


*The track was full of smoke as council was burning wood- almost called it a day after number 1- but second was better and felt ok on next two.

w 30th        11miles steady         weights - less reps more weight

t 31st          5miles easy               4 x 600m (4rec) + 6 x 150m


*Good session into two lots of wind as jimmy watkin's coach was timing. pleased with last and was getting stronger in every rep. 150's were build ups 50/50/50 - i only timed the last with 19.0- which is pleasing.

f 1st june  11miles steady -drive to kent via birmingham for work

s 2nd     Rest day since feb- working in Bluewater shopping centre for Reebok- long day!!

s 3rd   15 x 200m hill session @9am- early as back to Bluewater!

m 4th   11miles steady- legs tired   weights- and massage

t 5th   5miles easy     mile/1200m/800m/400m/200m(5rec)


*really windy and hot weather which made it harder, but felt good in mile and 1200m. Jimmy watkins was a great help- but found the 800m tough and we went through in 62.0- i kicked in at 500m and came home with a 59.5- which was a good sign of strength. Jimmy flew in the 400m with a 54 and i pleased with 56 and then the 26 to finish. Overall i feel really relaxed at 64's which hopefully will make 65/66's in the 5km feel easier! well thats the plan- so now i will have to make it happen!        


"its more than just a race....." Steve Prefontaine (5km legend)

James looks to win & go sub 4 at inter-counties mile championships.
This monday see me return to the inter-counties for the third time. My debut in 2002 saw me pipped on the line in the mile by james Mayo in a time of 4:06. Then i returned in 2003 to the 800m where i placed 4th in final. I am going back monday with something to prove, first i want to win, but second run a sub 4 mile. In the history of th event only three people have won in sub four, and no one has done this since 1981.
Training wise im in shape, a 3:01 last 1200m in training feeling easy- points to this, but its about doing it on the day. Im hoping this might then get me the nod for glasgow, a meet i feel i have been frozen out of so far.
Heres my last weeks training and check the diary history for all my training before this, hopefully it adds up to a sub4 monday!!
                      am                    pm

f 18th 6miles steady 6miles steady

s 19th drive to Richmond RFL- 30 x100m hills (jog 40s rec) didnt know till i got home- but used same hill as seb coe used! i see this a major sign from above that im due an 800m pb soon!

s 20th second richmond RFL- 16+ miles easy- went out on the thames and bumped into skinner, badders and a few other! did 11 miles with them around richmond park and headed back for a bit more!- made run go alot quicker!!

m 21st 10miles steady weights (2mile w/up/w/d) massage after weights- same as every week

t 22nd 5miles easy 4 x 1200m (9min rec) @3:08/3:10/3:08 alast 3:01.8 - good group around- people taking odd laps and other boys doing 1000/800's. overall really strong session. can start cutting recovery as feel ready to go after half. still happy to run 3flat at end of session on a shitty windy track.

w 23rd 14miles easy/steady circuits -good sess

t 24th 5easy 8 x 300m (2rec) av 41.0 feeling ok- but not great at speed- done with chris growell and chris moss- who are both in good nick over 800m- growell struggled in last two but did drop a couple of 39's which i dont have the pace to do yet. still last was quickest 40.6- and recovered quick- but couldnt go any faster at end- but only second real sustained speed workout.

f 25th 6miles easy/steady

ready for inter-counties mile monday and a crack at a sub4 at bedford!

cheers and run hard
james thie
James meets hero Bannister at Oxford road mile win.
The start to the summer is still going to plan with a solid road mile win at the Oxford BMW race. I controlled the start and went through the 400m in 58 and 800m in 1:58, but a strong cross wind left a 3:02 1200m split. i pulled away in the last 400m which was uphill to hit the tape in 4:06- a solid workout. It was the great to have the prizes given out by Sir Roger Bannister the first sub 4 mim miler ever!
I had a good few workouts since and a good training run last night over 5miles- which was a good tempo run.
Overall things are going really well, and im hoping to start turning things over on the track in races to come.
The inter-counties mile is next on the 28th may. I was hpoing to run the international at Glasgow but have not be confirmed yet. which is disappointing as was only middle distance male brit other than Mo farah to make the european indoor final. Im still looking at running the 5000m at the first BMC GP race on 9th june, which is something im exicted about.
last weeks training 9th may to 18th may.
                      am                    pm
w         11miles              circuits
t           5miles easy       8x300m (2rec) Av 41.8-                                         *solid bit of pace         
f                              6miles easy
s          Oxford road mile 1st 4:06- strong drive-lon
*controlled race 58/1:58/3:02- very easy
s          Work Maidstone RFL- 17miles    drive home
*long day but pleased to get good run in.
m        11miles steady -flying             weights with
                                 (2miles warm up and warm down)
t           5miles           3 x mile (12rec) @4:26/4:22/4:12
                                   *really strong good finish 63/59
w         15miles steady-good           circuits
t          5miles             western prom 5miles 1st eq25:12
                                  *good run with jonny phillips
                                  tired in last mile.
f          6miles steady
James opens season with solid a solid start.
Hello everyone,
sorry its been two months since my last post, and i can say that its been a very good few weeks of training. My hope was that after the europeans i could get straight back into hard training and get fit to have a good summer, plus to run well next year. Below you can see how the training has gone in the last few months, loads of miles, no missed days of training and some long road races. All have made me very strong and i am feeling the best i have in a very long time.
My long road races included a sluggish 5th at the welsh road champs- kicking too soon! Then winning the Atlanic College 10km, 6th in the Guernsey 10km and then a solid leg of cardiffs 5th at the National 12stage relay. The week after saw a tough 10km at Pensford in which i took second, before winning the Portkerry plog 5miler the next week.
I even felt good enough to open this weekend in the British League Div 1 @Cardiff - the home match! i won the 800m/1500m B'races in 1:55/3:50 which was a very pleasing start. Just lacked speed but recovery was quick and even had time for the 4 x 400m relay with a 52.6 split.
I went back to grass roots on bank holiday monday pacing at the BMC races at Millfield- i took the 1500m to the bell in 2:53.8 and then 30mins latter the 3km to 2km in 5:32.5- so a good workout. Then yesterday i took on the rose in 4miler being out sprinted by steve davies in 19:34- in bad weather which shows im strong. 
I have some good races coming up which include:
12th May BMC mile Oxford
28th May Inter-counties Mile
3rd Norwich union international 1500m
9th BMC GP 5000m Manchester
                        AM                                PM
S 3RD MAR/2MILES EASY          EURO'S H2 5TH 3:44.15q -solid run
S 4TH        2MILES EASY          EURO FINAL 9TH 3:47.00- never got going
M 5TH       9MILES EASY work meeting @bristol 11am                          
T 6TH       REST                         4XMILE(1REC)@4:51 (LONG)- tough!
W 7TH      REST                         10MILES EASY- sore achilles
F 9TH       10MILES EASY
S 10TH     8MILES STEADY                  Collect puppy and called him 'PRE!'
S 11TH     11MILES EASY- tired run
M 12TH     10MILES STEADY- good run
T 13TH    REST                           ROAD 6X1200M (1REC) @3:41 -hilly loop 
W 14TH   school visit                  11MILES STEADY- good run
S 17TH   4MILES EASY             5MILES EASY
S 18TH   WELSH 5KM 5TH 15:01- felt sick the whole way and kick too soon
T 20TH   5MILES EASY            ROAD 8X1KM (1REC) @2:57- WINDY- shitty
T  22ND   5MILES EASY            ROAD 4XMILE (2REC) @4:52-(LONG)- ok
S 24TH    5MILES EASY             5MILES EASY
M 26TH  13MILES EASY            GYM SESS
T 27TH   5MILES EASY            ROAD 2XMILE/2X1200M/2X1KM (1/3REC)
W 28TH 10MILES EASY  store vitis-back 8pm- 7MILES STEADY
T 29TH  5MILES EASY            DIRT 8X500M HILLS (JOG REC)- good sess
M 2ND   5MILES EASY            TRACK 20X300M (JOG100M) @49.3- relaxed
W 4TH 5MILES EASY             ROAD 2MILE TEMPO 10:03 + 6X30/30-track
F 6TH GUERNSEY 10KM 6TH 32:09-died-felt ill!   5MILES STEADY
S 7TH  FLY                            11MILES STEADY    
M 9TH 14MILES EASY              WEIGHTS
T 10TH 6MILES EASY            ROAD 6X1200M (1.5REC) @3:36- flying
W 11TH 11MILES EASY         2MILES w/up/wd + CIRCUITS
T  12TH 5MILES EASY           ROAD 2MILE TEMPO 9:55 + 6X200M HILLS
S 14TH NAT 12STAGE LEG3 26:57 - took team from 12th-2nd (finished 5th)
S 15TH 17MILES EASY- really good
T 17TH SAND DUNES SESSION   travel lon/mar expo- 5.5MILES EASY
W 18TH 5.5MILES EASY lon/mar expo       6MILES TREADMILL @6m/m
T 19TH 5.5MILES EASY   lon/mar expo    6MILES TREADMILL @6m/m
F 20TH 5.5MILES EASY  lon/mar expo      5.5MILES STEADY
S 21ST 5.5MILES STEADY lon/mar expo- travel back 2am sunday morn
S 22ND PENSFORD 10KM 2ND 32:35- very hilly! tired after long week
T 26TH  6MILES EASY           ROAD 1/2/1/2/1KM (90S/3REC) @2:47/5:50
F 27TH 11MILES STEADY  achilles very bad   WEIGHTS
T 3RD  5MILES EASY         TRACK 6 X 600M (4REC) @1:28.7 + 6 X 150M
S 5TH 2MILES EASY  BRIT LEAGUE 1ST B 800/1500 1:55.6/3:50.6 (4X4 52.6)
M 7TH 5MILES EASY         PACING BMC 1100M-2:53.8/ 2000M 5:32.5
T 8TH 5MILES EASY          ROSE INN 4MILER 2ND 19:34- solid tempo
James makes euro final.
When i first went to university i had an interesting chat with Lynn Davies Olympic gold medal winner in the long jump. He loves his quotes and used one which is 'athletics is a journey not a destination', at the time i didnt really understand that, but its very clear now.
Running is always about goals and aims, but they dont just end there, as an athlete we are never at the end. As there is always something else to aim for, evening when things go badley. I had aimed for the Euro's in Birmingham for a few years now, and i had always dream of winning the 3km. But injuires and illness this year took me back to the 1500m. My racing and training this indoors has not gone to plan, even my last race the 'devil' mile went badley with 4:07.
I also had my critics who said that i shouldnt even be at the champs. But i knew i could dig deep and get myself in the final. I took my chance and made it through with a season's best of 3:44.15 in 5th place.
The final didnt go so well, i was just lacking the confidence to get in the race. My lack of god training and racing finally caught up with me, and i took 9th in the final with 3:47.00.
That was that, another road on my athletic journey, but that is not the end. I have and never will reach my final destination in running as i am a traveller and journey will continue.
Im back in to the miles already for the summer, 9miles sunday morning and then some mile reps on tuesday night.  i will keep you all posted over the next few weeks as i start my olympic prep for next year.
James silver in Uk Trials.
hello again and welcome back to my site. Its been another crazy few months and its the first time i have had to update the here goes!
First off i ended the new year in style taking my fourth Nos Galan win with a 14:54 5km win- which was a nice way to see off 2006!
The first race of 2007 was my usual trip to Bermuda where as normal we where treated like gods and hopefully my performance matched the care we recieved! I took second just 0.2secs behind my friend Neil.
The next race was off to the Armory new york city for the New balance games. My run of 4:01.66 was ok but i was disappointed with 6th overall.
I was selected the next week for the GB match in glasgow and took 5th in th2 1500m in 3:48.06 in a tactical affair!
Back out to New york the week after for the NB college games open mile. Having one this race for the last four years i was gutted to finish a tired 7th in 4:03.7, but trained hard in the week and made the mistake of hitting an 800m in training just two days before (1:52) but the race result is the only one that counts!
On then to the national champs this weekend in sheffield, having taking a medal 8 years ago in this event i have some experience is this event. plus having taking gold in the 3km last year and an 800m bronze the year before it was back to the 1500m , where i won in 2003 and took silver in 2004. I knew that by having the qualifing time i had to make the top two. The heats were very easy crusing through and tehn getting ready for the final. A very slow final saw me almost fall, but recovered to make a challenged off the final bend to take silver, or so i thought!
This is where the real story started as they gave the silver to colin mccourt who was i sure i had beaten him as well! it took steve cram to help and then another day of waiting for the result to be changed! I could have done without that- but still i have the silver and now a place in the european champs in three weeks in Birmingham.
Newt race is this saturday the 17th in Birmingham in a mile, in which runners will be kicked out of at the back, so watch this space for an inside view!
best wishes james
James back in training for indoors.
hello again and welcome back to my site. Its been a really tough few months but finally im feeling on the mend. As you may have read i have struggled with a hamstring injury since early june and ran the whole track season in pain. I saw many people to try and sort the problem out but nothing did the trick. New york 5th avenue was a tough race to finish the season with, i was feeling strong but a 57 sec first 400m was just too much and i finished with 4:06. Plus on the trip over i felt i picked up a bug which again doesnt help!
I have though got my hamstring sorted, i was lucky to see a very good Doctor called Dr Chris Bradshaw- At Aussie who comes over here a few weeks of the year. he suggested an injection in my back, and after some more rest im back running pain free. I started back with a sluggish 15min 2mile jog, but progressed quick to run a 15:58 5km (3.1miles) leg in Cardiff AAC silver medal team in welsh relays. Not bad as first time inside 6min miling this month! I have had another solid weeks training- lots of conditioning and a session of 2 x 2miles- feeling solid, but need a few weeks of base. I paln on running a low key 4miler tomorrow in the bath victoria road race, i have won it a few times 2001/2002, but im just hoping to get close to 20mins and use it as a hard tempo run. Next up after that is the bahrain Relays for the famed Saad team, in which we are all well looked after by team manager Ian wilson and his team. Its going to be a very important next few weeks, as this is the training that must go in if im going to be successful in march in the Euro indoors!
plus if thats not enough im in the process of buying a first house- so all is a little stressed at the moment!
Cheers to all for the support
best wishes james
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Lastest News: James to captin Wales in new Celtic Cup Edit Site Add-On

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James takes silver in RBK Bristol Mile wins.
This weekend saw james go from race organiser to runner within minutes, and just failed to make it three in a row. The popular event was a another great success this year, and james knew that by doing alot of the work he could risk being beaten. james still had the lead till 80m out when Cardiff Road mile winner Chris Moss came storming through for the victory. james was not to disappointed as he was really pleased with the turn out and he invited chris to the race for teh reason of competition!
5th Av NYC Back on and James is invited to the party!!!
James has been invited to his second home new york, again for the nyrr event 5th Avenue road mile. From his 6th 3:58 last year and his 2nd palce in 2003 3:56, he hits this straight line mile again. The date is the 30th sept, and the only shame is that james will have to miss the great north mile. Progress report on race to follow!
cheers james
Race reports
17th August Celtic cup
Mile 5th 4:08.34
Really tired in bad conditions with very strong wind and cold air. Never felt good, but still took 2nd in the match race.
22nd August Malmo
1500m 1st 3:45.09
We have a winner! feeling really good in a slow race, but then took my chance, nice feeling to win and gives me something to build on.
26th August Legie
1500m 4th 3:43.20
Feeling ok after a long wait with race delayed, felt like i wanted to explode, but just didnt.
28th August Guerseny
Mile 4th 4:09.11
Totally wacked! after a long day of travel just felt rubbish! Chris moss felt the same and we both felt dead- so at least it wasnt just me.
3000m 5th 8:04.67pb (outdoors)
Last minute invite into one of the worlds greatest meetings was an amazing experience. The race was et up for Fitchen the euro 10km champion. James tired after a long set of races ran well to take 5th, beating the euro champ and running a solid time.
cheers james
                            training to follow................
Thie heads the Welsh Team in Celtic Cup
Wow this has been tough! the last month has not gone to plan, but sometimes thats the way it goes. I feel that everything this summer has just been against me and thats been all levels of fitness! This month alone has seen me winning national heats to running in front of 25,000 people, but then on the otherside- injections into injuires and even a colonoscopy for my continued probelms from the commonwealths! I have tried to ask the same questions of myself of previous seasons, but with fitness lower than normal this has not gone to plan.
All this aside, with the Celtic cup thursday i am going with the view this is the one. I am captain and will do everything in power to win the mile for wales and turn the season around. The fight is still in me, and problems are there to overcome and i will continue to give it my all!
Races Left in 2006
17th Mile Celtic cup
22nd 1500m Malmo
26th 1500m Legie
28th Mile Guerseny
3rd Mile Cardiff (road)
16th Mile Bristol (road)
30th Mile Great North (mile) *hopefully!
cheers james 
7th 3:43.00 1500m @Lucern
Another solid race over 1500m @Lucern with a seasons best of 3:43.00. The real shame was a lack of a pace maker meaning we went out 61/2:02 at 800m which was 3secs slower than Cork. So i was happy to end up running slightly faster overall. Finished strong but still dont have all the gears or races that i need this time in the season. Hit a good 10miler around the amazing lake the next day, and then ran a very strong session of 6 x800ms on saturday, with a 2:03 last. Shows where im at with loads of strength, but monday showed that speed wise anything under 40.0 for 3's is tough! Still one more session wednesday then we are in for nationals, with heats satuday @8pm then the final 6pm sunday. I know that im running well and im fit, and have a good record at the nationals: well for getting top 6! so this year im going to get a medal and put that record straight!
1999 5th 3:43.1pb (1st heat's 3:46Q)
2000 6th 3:47.2      (6th heat's 3:44q)
2001 5th 3:45.5      (4th heat's 3:52Q)
2002 7th heats 3:46 (front ran as east/whitman in race and only 1st two automatic)
2003 6th 3:46.6      (4th heats  3:46q)
2004 5th 3:51.1      (2nd heats 3:46Q)
2005 5th 3:41.1      (4th heat's 3:40Q)
cheers james
                             am                                     pm
sunday  4th        5easy
Monday         3x300 3x200 3x100 (2+4rec)/ 4easy
Tuesday        4easy +6x100m +1easy
Wednesday   FLY-ZURICH        3easy
thursday        2easy/               1500m 7th 3:43.00
friday                            10easy     FLY-Home    
saturday         4easy/               6x800m (2rec) @2:08
Sunday                        9easy
Monday          4easy/              6x300 (2rec) @40.4
Tuesday 11th july                    4easy +6x100m +1easy 
7th 3:43.43 1500m @Cork
This week saw my first 1500m since running very ill at the commonwealth games in march. The venue was the Cork city games on the 1st July. In very windy conditions i just lack the belief that i am in good shape and ran too much at the back and didnt have the committment when the pace picked up. I finished strong and ran a time that wouldnt have been far off making the final in melbourne. This will hopefully now give me the confidence that i need and put the ghost of that 'ill fated' 1500m feeling to bed! Lucky i dont have much time till my next, which is Lucerne this thursday 6th july. Im looking forward to taking the 'handbrake' off and seeing what shape im really in. Training wise sessions are getting faster, this week i have done my pre race session of 3x3's/2's/1's and ran my fastest 200m for a while 24.9- and recovery was quick so hopefully the speed is coming along with the big aerobic base my testing showed that i have! Next week read about my swiss travel and im hoping a time inside 3:40, to take me into nationals 9 days later!
cheers james
                             am                                     pm
sunday  25th june        11easy/steady
Monday         4steady  /      6x300m (2.5rec) @40.4
Tuesday        4easy /             4easy
Wednesday   3x300 3x200 3x100 (2+4rec)
thursday        4easy/               4easy +6x100m +1easy
friday                                        4easy         
saturday         2easy/         Cork 1500m 7th 3:43.43
Sunday                        5easy
Monday 3rd  3x300 3x200 3x100 (2+4rec)/ 4easy
Tuesday 4th july                       4easy +6x100m +1easy
James 28 today!
Yes today is my birthday! and im feeling rather old! well running wise you realise that time is running out, so i better make every race and every training session count!!!
My training this week has been solid, a sore hamstring is still giving me problems, not enough to stop training but its there! The weather last week was not the best, my 10x400m's on tuesday were done in very wet, cold and windy conditions making 60's very tough, and my 57.8 last one felt more like 55.8! well the feeling was there so, i hope it all adds up come my first 1500m (Cork 1st july!) Thursday was my lactate testing at WIS with the great Elite Cymru team down there. My test results were very good, especially my 18.4 hemoglobin -from 5 weeks in the altitude tent- it really works (14.7 at the start!) The next few days i was looking more at speed a solid few 300's really happy as this was the session in melbourne that i first realise i was sick- so this time i punched the air with my 40.0 last and was feeling strong! The next day i hit some sprints 100m going up to 200m, told me that im strong, put my speed will come in time. A rather tired 11+miles on sunday, before another solid set of 300's on monday, bad weather but hit slightly faster time with less progress! on to my first 1500m saturday then another on the 6th......not long!
                             am                                     pm
sunday  18th  2.5easy/     welsh champs 3km 1st 8:29
Monday         7steady  /      2x3x300m (3r/6r) @40.8
Tuesday        5easy /    2x5x400m (1+3rec) @60.9
Wednesday                 11easy/steady
thursday        lactate testing/     5easy
friday              5easy/            6x300m(3rec) @40.5
saturday         5easy/          100-200m (90s-3rec)
Sunday                        11easy/steady
Monday 26th  4easy  /      6x 300m (2.5) @40.4
Tuesday 27th  4easy/Birthday!!!!
2006 3000m WELSH CHAMPION!
I had a good weeks training, with a mixture of hard sessions, long runs and two different races! After my solid 8:05 3km last week, i wanted to test my longer endurance and went back to the Rose Inn 4mile races- in which i ran 19:48 at the start of May. This time around i ran a very solo 19:27 just missing the 10year+ record by 3secs. Felt so much better than a month ago and shows that im getting fitter all the time. Next day felt good with a strong 7miler then some long hills. Friday was a very windy day making my 15x200m tough- that and the school kids on the track! The welsh champs on sunday went to plan- was either going to go 1500m out or 1km out- took the second and ran a solid 2:32+ last 1000m with an evan last 2.5 laps. Felt good today and hit one of my first quicker track sessions, really solid and was very happy as the first rep felt very slow and i ran 40.6- so might not be far from where i want to be! My first 1500m is set for Cork on the 1st july, then straight of to Lucern on the 6th for another blast over 1500m before the Nationals on 15/16th july, so its go now!
                             am                                     pm
sunday  12th  7steady     /  10x100m (90s R)@12.5
Monday         5easy/                 5easy
Tuesday        2.5easy /    Rose Inn  4miler 1st 19:27
Wednesday  5easy /            5x400m hills (4r) +5x50m
thursday                     14easy-steady
friday             15x200m(30sR)@29.0/ 5easy
saturday                      4easy+6x100m
Sunday          2.5easy/     welsh champs 3km 1st 8:29
Monday 19th  5easy  /      2x3x300m (3r/6r) @40.8

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30th May 2005 - Eugene, Oregon
Today marks the 30th Anniversary of the death of the great Steve Prefontaine. It has even more significance as we are currently staying in Eugene ...Read More

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10th May 2005 - Albuquerque
Sorry, my updates are never as fully coming as my racing program …maybe that’s why! Well the base work is in, a great month training in New Mexico with Neil Speaight (1:45- 800m)...Read More

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past News
In true Thie style James wins and races across the world. From Seattle to Brazil. Read the latest news from the international athlete.

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Indoor 2005
A Packed season with races all over the globe. James positions 5th in the Europeans after a National medal in the 800m and wins in New York. James also asks proposes to girlfriend Alex in their favorite place in NYC, Coogans Restaurant.

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Indoor 2004
James believes he is 5th in the World Championships - before the recent news that he was promoted to 4th place after a failed drug test. Thie runs a 2000m meter Welsh record, alongside wins in Bermuda and New York. A National silver at the AAA's in Sheffield after a gaining silver just hours before in New York

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Outdoor 2004
Double wins for Thie within 24 hours in Philadelphia and Falmouth, USA alongside wins in Oregon and Seattle.

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