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About James

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About james

Date of Birth: 27th June 1978

Education: BSc Hons Sport + PE - University of Wales Institute Cardiff (UWIC)

Distance specialties: 1500m - 1 mile - 800m - 3000m

Club USA: New York Athletic club 

Club UK: Cardiff Athletic club

Club Middle East: SAAD track Club



Colorado, 2004
Alex and James

New York, 2004

At Home
James shares a house with his fiancée Alexandra Sandoe. Originally from the same town, Clevedon, North Somerset, the pair started seeing each other back in 1998 . Alex is a 2004 BA graduate in Film, Broadcasting and Journalism from Cardiff University - graduating with 1st Class Honors and finishing in the top 2% of the year. The couple have traveled to many countries together over the years, and she is constantly to be seen cheering James on from the sidelines. James recently proposed to Alex at Coogan’s Restaurant in their beloved city of New York.

Dad - Greg

James has constant support from all his family. Tragically James' dad, Greg Thie, died of cancer when James was just 11 years old. James fondly remembers his dad watching him in a landmark race in 1989 - after qualifying 6th in his school team, James came 4th in the Woodspring District County Champs.

Mum Jean and partner Paul

Jean and Paul
James's mum, Jean Thie has been there through good times and bad times. Jean is the rock behind James's running career. An inspiring lady who for the past year has been battling her own fight with cancer. Despite enduring severe courses of chemotherapy, Jean will always try to attend James races - even if it means crossing the Atlantic. Jean and her loving partner Paul, support him in every aspect of life.

James and Michael
Coogan's, New York, 2004

James's older brother is a constant support for James. A graduate in Sociology and Politics form Cardiff University, Michael works for British Airways. Michael organizes most of James's travel arrangements therefore providing a pivotal role in allowing James to achieve his goals. Michael recently married and James had the privilege to be his Best Man at the wedding.


James's younger sister is a skilled musician and actress studying for a degree in Theatre Studies and Drama at Middlesex University in London. Anna fronts a band and also writes and performs as a solo artist.


James's younger brother is also a leading sportsman in the UK. Tom is a skilled Rugby player and plays for Clevedon United Rugby team. Tom is a graduate in Sport and Exercise at University of Wales Institute Cardiff and PGCE graduate from the University of Bath. Currently Tom is teaching Physical Education in a school in Wells, Somerset.


James recently discovered he had a very talented third cousin who is well on his way to becoming one of England’s premiere athletes. Young Jack Thie has competed for his county Hertfordshire and shows signs for a very promising future. Watch this space as we report on this up-in-coming member of the Thie clan.

James spent most of his youth in the scenic Victorian seaside town. He attended Clevedon school where he first began to run under the guidance of the PE department. James's dad was also a deputy head at the school for many years. James frequently returns to Clevedon especially for the famous annual 'Boxing Day Run' which circles the stunning North Somerset town. James receives a great deal of encouragement from the community in Clevedon and is frequently supported by the regions main newspaper, the Clevedon Mercury



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