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Alexandra Sandoe


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This is Alexandra's online CV. Alex will be touring the USA wih James next year and will be available for work experience to all media outlets in the country during this time. Due to graduate in June 2004, with a first class honours degree in Film, Broadcasting and Journalism from Cardiff University - Alex's extensive previous experience includes working for some of the UK's premiere companies such as the BBC, Riley HR Gardens Advertising, and Golley Slater Advertising. Please contact Alex via email if you may have a work expereince position availble for her both in the USA or the UK.
Curriculum Vitae

Date of Birth: 8th May 1982


Personal Description:  Hardworking, Reliable, intelligent, practical, competent, innovative, organised and active




  • Currently in final year at Cardiff University studying towards BA honours degree in Film, Broadcasting and Journalism.
  • Due to graduate with 1st Class honours - in the top percent of the year.


Qualification                                                                 Grade

A Level English Language                                               A

A Level Theatre Studies                                                    B

ALevel Modern History                                                     B


GCSE Theatre Studies                                                    A*

GCSE History                                                                  A*

GCSE French                                                                  A*

GCSE Design + Technology specialising in Graphics A

GCSE English Language                                               A

GCSE English Literature                                              B

GCSE Maths                                                                   B

GCSE Double Science                                                  B B

GCSE Maths                                                                  B


Other Qualifications


         Clean Driving Licence (Category B) Owner of own vehicle

         CLAIT certificate Information Technology

  •  Advance Certificate of Theology
  • Food Hygiene Certificate
  • Completion of a Year course in British Politics


Information Technology


  •  Confident and knowledgeable about information technology.
  • Webmaster to two websites including
  • A fast learner and willing to learn any new programme.
  • I am qualified/experienced, amongst others, in the following computer programmes:  Quark Express; Microsoft Word; Microsoft Excel; Microsoft Works, Dreamworks, Webdesign, Digital photography





February 2002 May 2003


Riley Advertising - Cardiff


Neil Tovey - Branch Manager


Riley Advertising

Tudor House

16 Cathedral Road


CF11 9LJ

Job Description


  • Work in Recruitment advertising. Dealing with clients from both the public and private sector, ranging from Coca cola to the National Assembly for Wales.
  • Liase in person and on the telephone with many different types of media as well as current and potential clients.
  • Book space and send adverts to both local and national newspapers ranging from the South Wales Evening Post to the Guardian and The Independent.
  • Be prepared to work to tight deadlines in a organised manner in a busy environment


I previously worked with Neil Tovey at Golly Slater. After we built up a good working relationship, Neil asked me to join him at Riley Cardiff. Both Riley Cardiff, and Riley Bristol now employ me on a temporary basis as and when needed.

Riley Advertising Bristol Branch


June 2002-September 2002 (Summer Break)


Riley HR Gardens Advertising Bristol Branch



Nick Brian Regional Director


Hanover House, Queen Charlotte Street, Bristol, BS1 4LG

Tel: 0117 925 7777

Job Description

         A similar job specification to Riley Cardiff except this was a different department and with different colleagues and clients.

         Primarily worked in the agency, helping to manage the accounts for clients ranging from Jaguar to Parcel Force.

  • Had to handle accounts under pressure to tight media deadlines.
  • Was given responsibility for calculating the costs to be invoice to the client and to the media.

Previous Work BBC Cymru Wales


BBC Cymru Wales Marketing and Communications Department


October/November 2002


Bethan Vaughn Cartwright

Job Description

BBC 2W Campaign

  • Involved in the promotion of BBC 2W
  • Travelled to scheduled outlets throughout Wales, from Wrexham to Newport, to promote the channel to the general public
  • Liase with both company executives and the general public
  • Giving information to uniformed people clearly and captivatingly.
  • Approach people without seeming intrusive and engage their attention.