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Training Schedule


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Mileage- don't get caught up with that- it's not the most important thing- people have this view that lots of miles = faster times- well I think that some is good but its important not have junk miles- overall you dont want to train slow or you will run slow.

My training is based on 5 pace system developed by Frank Horwell and adapted by Peter Coe. My training in the past has included lots of  shitty miles but now I have found that I am now doing more quality work and my endurance is better than ever! 

I will show you the basis of my training - but remember it is not the golden shedule- yours must be developed around your strengths with other work on your weeknesses. The training is based on the idea  of training at 5 different paces- making sure that all energy systems are trained in a cycle- this maybe two weeks. i repeat this around 3-4 times.

Winter Oct - Dec and Spring March - May

         am                 pm

M  4miles easy   3-2x 3km (3rec) @10km pace

T    4miles easy   12x 200m Hills 6/6 jog  @800mpace

                           rec/slow jog down & 5mins after 6

W   8-10miles steady   circuits training

T    4miles easy    6 x 1km (3rec)  @ 3km pace

F   Rest                    weights (just conditioning)

S   Sand Dunes sess/Hills @1500m pace

S   10-12miles        

M   4miles easy        4-3x2km (3rec) @5km pace 

T   8-10 miles steady    Weights

W  6-8miles easy        10-15x100m Hills walk rec                                           @400m pace

T 4miles easy              10x 400m (1min rec)                                      @1500m pace

F  Rest or 4-8miles easy

S  Race 5km-10km or tempo run 4miles

S 10-12miles

As you can see there are lots of sessions but alot less miles than I have done in the past. The hill sessions above also work as strength sessions- I have cut alot of weights and have found i am running quicker- the strength from the hills is 100% running - rather than weights which can sometimes just be bulk! must be a reason to all sessions! the next phase is again 4-8 weeks

Indoor Season Jan - Feb and Summer May - July

              am                 pm

M      3-4miles          6x 800m (2rec) @3km pace

T        4miles             100m x 10 walk rec @400m pace

W     6 miles easy                        

T       4miles              6 x 400m (3-5rec) @800m pace

B      5miles easy

S  15 x 200m (30sec rec) @1500m pace

S   6-10 miles easy

M   4miles easy        6x 300m (2-3rec) @800m pace

T 4-6miles /steady/easy

W 3easy              3 x 300 3 x 200m 3 x100m -@800m/400m pace (2and 4 min rec) fast!

T 5miles easy and 5 x 100m strides

F  3miles easy

S  Race mile/1500m

S 6-10 miles

I do no weights in this phase- I do general core stability work and some other exercises- but I seem to keep my strength and maintain it from the track sessions. I also do hurdle drills and running drills all year round which helps to maintain strength.