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RESULTS- with links if available

Front Street Mile, Maui, Hawaii

7th Feb 1500m 2nd 3:46.78 AAA's National's, Sheffield, UK 
6th Feb    Mile  2nd  4:04.28 Millrose Games 'wanamaker', NY
24th Jan   Mile  3rd  4:02.89  New Balance Games -New York
16th Jan   Mile  1st    4:18.81   International Mile -Bermuda



16th Nov 4kmx-c 5th 12:07 BMC - Bristol 
8th Nov  4miles 3rd 20:08 Victoria Park - Bath
24th Oct  6km 12th Team National 6 stage relays- Birmingham
27th Sept  Mile 1st  4:16rec McMillin Mile - Bonita, San Diego
20th Sept  Mile 3rd 4:00      Front Street Mile- Maui, Hawaii
7th  Sept    Mile 3rd  4:01     5th Avenue Road Mile- New York
3rd Sept   Mile  3rd  4:06.5  Hypark International Mile- Cardiff
30th Aug  1500m 2nd 3:56.2  British League - Southampton
30th Aug  800m  2nd 1:51.5  British League- Sothampton
20th Aug  800m  3rd 1:50.44 BMC - Watford
15th Aug  Mile 6th  4:02.45   International Games - Dublin
9th Aug  1500m 2nd 3:59.82  UKA Meeting- Cwmbran
6th Aug   800m  3rd 1:49.82pb BMC GP- Solihull
2nd Aug 1500m 2nd 3:53.60   British League- Bedford
1st Aug  1500m 3rd  3:45.38   Bangor Games, N Ireland
30th July 1500m  6th  3:46.67   Final, AAA's Champs- Birm
25th July 1500m  4th  3:46.13q Heats, AAA's Champs- Birm
19th July 800m    2nd  1:52.8    British Cup- Eton
13th July  1500m 15th 3:44.46  International GP- Gateshead
21st June  800m  3rd  1:51.90   Final,Welsh Champs-Cwmbran
21st June  800m 1st  1:55.44Q Heats,Welsh Champs-Cwmbran
15th June  Mile   2nd   4:01    State Street Mile- Santa Barbara
11th June  Mile   6th   4:00.37 Track Classic-Victoria,Canada
8th June  1500m 2nd  3:42.13  Harry Jerome-Vancouver
5th June    800m 2nd 1:51.35    Open -New Westminster
4th  June  Mile  2nd  4:01.12   Kajacks meet- Richmond
31st May  1500m 6th 3:43.56   BMC GP- Wythemshawe
26th May  800m  4th  1:52.95   Final, Inter-counties -Bedford
26th May  800m  3rd 1:52.37q  Heat, Inter-counties -Bedford
17th May  800m  3rd   1:54.5    British League- Liverpool
10th May  Mile    4th   4:10       Entermans Mile- Barmoral
26th April  Mile   2nd  4:03.86   Penn Relays- Philidelphia
25th April 1600m 1st   4:08.0     DMR-Penn Relays- Philidelphia
22nd March Mile 4th  3:50.95    Congress Mile- Austin- Texas
14th March 1500m 7th 3:41.18i pb Heats World Indoors- Birm
8th March  800m 2nd 1:49.87i pb  UK:A Meet- Manchester
2nd March 1500m 1st 3:41.84i pb  AAA's Champs- Birmingham
15th Feb    Mile  1st  3:57.71i pb NYRR Cup- New York
9th Feb     1500m 1st 3:42.28i pb  Lansing Games- Cardiff
7th Feb     Mile   5th  4:03.41i       Millrose Games- New York
30th Jan   800m  2nd 1:50.0i pb      NYRR- Open- New York
25th Jan   Mile   1st  4:02.05i pb    New Balance -New York
17th Jan  Mile  1st    4:10.21         International Mile -Bermuda
12th Jan  800m 1st   1:52.18i pb  Final-Welsh Champs-Cardiff
12th Jan  800m 1st   1:56.16Q     Heats-Welsh Champs-Cardiff
11th Jan 1500m 1st 3:45.54rec    Final-Weslh Champs-Cardiff
11th Jan 1500m 1st 4:27.83Q     Heats-Welsh Champs-Cardiff
4th Jan  4km x-c 12th 12:59        Great North X-C- Newcastle