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June 26th Entry


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It's been a funny couple of months- alot of races and maybe more downs than up's but i knew that was likley to be the case after such a hard indoor season, but at at times i can feel that my best races will come when i don't force them. The Canadian trip that you will read about latter will highlight this and the problems i had getting back have sumed up my season so far! Still it's my Birthday (25th!) tomorrow and one of my favoriate band ''Fountains of Wayne' have got a new album out- so i think that things are starting to get better!! 

June -Monday 2nd - I was ment to fly to Canada for a series of races but missed my flight because of problems on the motorway- so it wasn't till Tuesday that i got out to Vancouver.
Wednesday 4th  After less than 24 hours in Canada i was already putting my racing spikes on- in the Kijaks- Richmond International Mile, The weather was really hot and very windy to i wasn't thinking we would run that fast so the first lap of 56-57 was a really surprise! i had a bad patch between 1000m to 1200m but finished strong coming 2nd in 4:01.12,Aussie Michael Power ran 3:58- which i was really impressed with! But i was happy how i felt at 3am UK time!!
Thursday 5th  Didn't plan to race in the New Westminster meet but it ment that i got out of the hotel and saw another place in Vancouver. I ran another solid race finishing 2nd in the 800m in 1:51.35- but thats not bad when you have seen state of the track- pot holes everywhere!!! We had some good BBQ food after and a couple of beers with the Aussies so it was worth going!
Sunday 8th Harry Jerome Classic- 1500m - very hot weather and a good field - pace didn't go that fast only 1:59 at 800m. Then Adrian Blincoe NZ took off and i stayed sat on Graham Hood- well untill he stopped with 300m left and i ran into the back of him! cost me around a second i think- i still got 2nd in 3:42.13- but it pssied me off a bit- Blinks looked good and won it in 3:40.4.
Wednesday 11th Victoria Mile- After abit more travelling and alot of waiting around the last race of the Candain tour was for me a poor one. I just didn't feel great and finished tired in 4:00.37- at first they gave me 3:57.96- but my body told me that wasn't right!! Anyway the next few days would test me further!
I had hoped to keep improving and then to have another crack in Seattle- but after the race i spoke to Whynn (organiser Seattle)and told him that i really need to get home to train and rest (five races in two weeks) I had also been contacted by the BBC back in the UK who wanted to come to Cardiff with a film crew to do an interview with me for 'athletics focus' this was scheduled for Tuesday the 17th and i knew i could not miss this date. On the Thursday at 7am we travelled back from Victoria to Vancouver and i went to get my BA flight back to London- but because i always fly standby (cheap because my brother works for BA) i didnt get on a very busy flight- i was in trouble! i was lucky and Blinks picked me up and at least i didnt have to stay that night at airport! The next day i tried the BA flight again- no luck even more people left behind- i was told that it may be july till i got home!!!! i needed a new plan! my first thought was to do seattle and try and fly out from their- but i was told that their plane loads where even worse! also after loads of beers with blinks the night before and only 6 hours sleep the past few night, plus sun burn and feeling tired in the mile wednesday- i decided to do plan C- to catch the early flight to LA where i would have a much better chance of getting home and in time for the BBC tuesday! I also knew that the santa barbara state street mile was sunday morning so i hoped that i could fly in get their make some money and fly out of LA sunday night!!! So i sleep for a few hours friday night in vancouver airport- no point in getting anyone out to get me- then fly early to LA- when their i hired a car and drove the 100ish miles to santa barbara- their i decided to sleep night in the car as i was low on funds! then i go to get some food money out- cash card not working- shit.....- i have a $11 dollars on me! i buy a phone card $5 and the bank in the UK tells me their is nothing i can do till monday- so i have $6 dollars till then! i find somewhere to eat that night for $5.75!! good and cheap! and go back to car to sleep (in the track car park) till 6am another rough nights sleep! as i have no money i only have a energy cookie bar for breakfast before going up to the start of the race- i knew Christian Hesch was running and it was so funny when i tapped him on the shoulder and the look on his face was priceless! then i asked him whether he could lend me some money for the entry fee (they did though refund when they knew i far i had travelled- really nice people and event)! he knew the sitaution i was in and was happy to help! He ran a great race and into a strong wind the pace wasn't that quick and he kicked away for a win and was tired and in my trainers (no flats) was happy to getthe $250 second place in 4:01! i grabed my stuff and money and said thanks and had decline lunch with christian and his family! and then ran back up the hill to the car and drove quickley back to LA airport to get the car back in time and then was so so happy to get a seat on the BA flight back to London at 5:30pm- and in Business class!- three glasses of champange latter and some crab and salmon- i was feeling a whole lot better and i knew that i would make the BBC interview tomorrow! what a few days!!!!
Tueday 17th- 8 hours of BBC filming- good fun with a really nice crew- to be shown soon on BBC grandstand in 'Athletics Focus'.
Saturady 21st - Welsh champs-800m- first day sinec getting back that i felt tired! but i knew that it would cath up with my one day! i won my heat in 1:55.4 but in the final i had nothing and ran 1:51.90. But the credit must go to matt shones brave effort and james Nazrat for winning well. i think that 5 days of last week getting less than 6 hours sleep in airports, cars and planes isn't the best way to prepare!
My next big race is the Gateshead international meet- where i am running 1500m with a great EL G!!!! so it should be great fun, thens its getting ready for the AAA's where i plan to turn my summer season around!!!