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Grande Premio Brazil

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Grande Premio Brasil Caixa de Atletismo - Belém, Brazil
Sunday, May 22, 2005

James makes steady gains in the midday heat of a hot and humid race in Belém today. Placing 4th behind the likes of Kenya’s Chirchir William and Marrianyi, the race was just four days after placing 3rd in 1500m in Fortaleza , and a week after winning 8k in Seattle. He was  the sole European on the line in a field packed with athletes from warmer climates:

"It was very, very, hot out there - with a kind of humidity that I have not experienced before. Unfortunately, I naturally was more affected by it than my competitors who are from similar climates. It seemed as the sun came out just for our event! But, still, I’m getting gradually quicker and this is all good international experience. I feel stronger having been here and raced this kind of field".

James will return to his fiancée in Seattle on Tuesday and preparations will begin for the next race in Eugene, Oregon.

"I’m looking forward to this next race in the famous running community of Eugene. I love the city, especially running on the late Steve Prefontaine’s trail and of course - the famous Haywood’s Field track. It’s very inspiring".

Grande Premio Brasil Caixa de Atletismo - Belém (BRA)
1500m Results
1 Chirchir William KEN 3:39.30
2 Esho Benson Marrianyi KEN 3:40.11
3 de Souza Hudson BRA 3:41.21
4 Thie James GBR 3:42.04
5 Piedra Byron ECU 3:44.45
6 Fernandes Joao Paulo BRA 3:45.50
7 de Santana André BRA 3:46.52
8 Price Leonardo ARG 3:47.10
9 dos Santos Cícero BRA 3:50.46
10 Pessoa Ricardo BRA 3:54.59
11 De Oliveira Silva Sebastiao BRA 3:56.79

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