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Seattle 8k Win

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15th May 2005
9000 competitors could not defeat James in the popular Seattle ‘Beat the Bridge’ 8k on Sunday. The annual charity road race drew enormous crwds despite the torrential downpour of rain. James out kicked Dan McLean of Seattle by one second to win the 23rd annual race at Husky Stadium. James who was beaten in the final 400 meters to finish third in 2004 was pleased that this was his year.

"Last year I felt so amazing that I led a good portion of the race. Tactics which did not work in the end as I misjudged the finish by a few hundred meters and kicked too soon.
This year I knew the course and I wasn’t going to let the weather stop me - I live in Wales remember - rain is part of my everyday life".

‘Beat the Bridge’ is the USA’s fourth largest 8K race. More than 450 runners were caught when the University Bridge was raised two miles into the race. Luckily James’ fiancée, Alex, made it across!

"This race show’s my strength. I felt solid and fast. I’m ready to start the season".

James flies to Brazil Monday 16th May to begin his season with races in Fortaleza and Belè m.

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