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James finds new balance with PHI-TEN

Marc Davies, Billy Hart, James and Dave Hunt at Coogans

At the London  marathon expo james had the chance to meet Tim Nathan -Associate Director of PHI-TEN co.Ltd. James has always been a supporter of alternative ways to improve well-being and performance, and though Phi-ten he believes he has found another way. From the website They discribe their sports links as Some of the top athletes in the world put their trust in Phiten's Titanium "Phild Processing" technology. Professional sportsmen and women, from baseball players to golfers, use our Titanium "Rakuwa" necklaces and Titanium power tapes inside some of the largest sports venues on earth.

"Phild Processing" is a process that has been proven to enhance kinetic ability in the body, preventing injuries and back pain. Helping to actualize one's human potential in sports or in daily life, Phiten's Titanium products are used worldwide by athletes and other people who have begun to recognize the high potential hidden in these products.


illness nightmare in Melbourne

The fine line between success and failure can sometimes be out of your hands and in the heats of the Commonwealth games 1500m james found this to be so true. Just a week before james was in belief that he was approaching the form of when he ran 3:37 and before that took 4th in the World indoor championships. But during a training session 5 days before the Melbourne heats james started to feel unwell and that was the start of a difficult week. Blood tests came back to show a virus and then another test came back (the day of the heats) which showed something called campylobacter- a type of food poising from meats. This left james feeling very unwell the week of the race but he hoped that when he competed that he would be ok. His time of 3:47 was disappointing and his 8th place not good enough to get through to the final. Feeling very sick after james had kindey and head pains and felt very weak. He said ' to get myself in shape and then to get ill was heartbreaking- im a championship runner and feel that i was on course to be very competitive in the final'




James wins UK National 3000m title

Sheffield 12th feb 2006, saw James take the national 3000m title in 8:06.55. James was using the weekend as a major stepping stome towards success as both the World indoor championships and then the Commonwealth Games. First on Saturday James took 3rd in the heats of the 800m, disappointed with not taking a faster pace on james was slow at 400m in 57 and finished in 1:52.73. This gave even more importance to the 3000m the next day. James is use to back to back racing and with championships in mind you have to be ready to race tired. In only his second 3km in four years james controlled the race, and was never out of the top two pasinng 1km in 2:47 and 2km in 5:33, the pace picked up but james waited till 300m left before blasting away and then crusing the final 50m. james said "im very pleased, i won my first national title as an U20 in 1996 over 3km so its nice to come back to a distance i had my first success at!. This sets me up very well to run fast in Birmingham in the 1500m, people must remember that Moscow is four weeks away and Melbourne another two weeks more, so to have good endurance now is the key, i can build the speed now and fly!".



James wins 4th straight Collegiate Invitational Mile at the Armory NYC

James took on another busy schedule of races this past weekend, with the Millrose Wannamaker mile friday night and the Collegiate Invitational Mile the following day. The Wannamaker mile was held again in the amazing setting of Madison Square Gardens, and james was giving a very late entry into the race. A major problem with the track put the race back to 11:15pm (4:15am uk time) and a two hour warm-up may have explained all those in the race to run slower than hoped. James took 6th in 4:08.43, but turned his attention to retaining his mile title at the armory, NY just 13 hours later. With little sleep and rest james was back in his racing spikes and controlled the race to kick away to a 2 second victory (and 4th title) in a controlled 4:03.37- not bad after a 2:05+ first half. James had great support again at the armory including Coogan's Bar oweners Peter Walsh and David Hunt and many other friends of the travelling Welshman


Massive 3000m PB in GB International

James took a big step towards his aim of a World Indoors and Commonwealth games glory. In his first 3000m in 4 years james took on athletes from kenya, Russia, Sweden and Italy in the Norwich Union International in Glasgow. In a very impressive sign of strength and endurance james took 3rd place in 7:56.22- which beat his outdoor best of 8:09 and indoors of 8:14 by a huge amount.  James now looks a 3000m indoors as event he may well look at with the European indoors champs in Birmingham next year being a major aim over the longer event. More


News Anthology
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