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Do you want your company name thanked live on national and international television? James could be promoting your business as he wins races all over the world. James is internationally renowned and has a dedicated fan base.

James will show gratitude to any contributions in television, radio, and newspaper interviews. He is experienced in promoting all kinds of industries.

If you would like to publicize your business and are in a position to help James achieve his goals - please get in touch.

Crowds supporting James
San Francisco 2002

Email him direct on: or myself (webmaster)

or contact his sports agency Flynn Sports:

Mailing Address

625-A Hales Chapel Road
Gray, TN 37615

Email Address 


Phone: 423 753 0851
Facsimile: 423 753 0871

Webmaster: Alexandra Sandoe Please email for any further information. Please report any broken links or inorrect information. Media organisations are welcome to use any article as source information. Photos are availbale on request.