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30th October 2003


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Thursday 30th Ocober 2003,
New Sponsor, thanks to Ambrose Salmini, at, they have agreed to sponsor me for the upcoming season. This is great news and I really hope to give them value for money! They film loads of different events and last year I featured on their recordings of the New Balance Games and the Collegiate Invite, both at the Armory, New York. I won both those Mile races last year and hope that i can repeat that this season! It will be much harder as i am no longer the under-dog and everyone will be wanting to take my titles. To check out their website-
My training has gone well this week, some good miles are going in the bank and getting stronger every day. I had the 6 stage road race on Saturday for Cardiff, we finished 12th Overall. Not bad overall performance, my run was solid, but very cold wet conditions were not to my liking. Good set of circuits at NIAC with the lads last night and I have a threshold run with Chris Moss (800m 1:46pb) later today. Next race is the Victoria 4 miler in Bath on the 8th November. I have won it for the last two years 19:16 + 19:20, so it's a good test of my current fitness.

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