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21st October 2003


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Update: Tuesday 21st October 2003.
Just had a two week break from running, the most that i have had for over two years, and i can tell you it was much needed! I finished my summer season with another trip around the US with some fun road miles, even had one in Hawaii, which was great fun (that's what its all about!!). Some good performances, plus alot of time to chill out and reflect on everything that has happened over the last year. Overall it has left me feeling alot better, i no longer feel the tiredness i had during the summer season. I am just getting back into training again and had a fun session on the dunes with all the lads on Saturday and now have the National road relays this weekend. The winter aim will again be on the world indoors and then i hopefuly can learn from my mistakes of last year and transfer my success outdoors. I know every man and his dog will be going for the Olympics, so i will just have to give it my best watch this space................
                                                             james thie

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