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May 10th entry


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May 10th-
Balmoral Road mile- 4th -4:10- pleased with run with very good competition- Mike East won and then came Mayock and Whiteman. Didn't attack the race and still felt alittle tired from training but finished as strong as the leaders. Mayock though had a big moan at me after the race saying that i pushed him- it found its way into AW, so i wrote a funny letter telling john not to moan!!
The week after Balmoral- i needed some more hard work- but may have over done it! raced saturday, sunday 12 miles, monday am 5 pm1200m x 6 , tuesday am 10miles  pm 10 x 100m fast hills, wed am 5 pm 20 x 200m (30rec) 29.08av, thursday am 5 pm 6 x 300m (3rec) av 40.4 friday 6 miles steady. That saurday i went up to Liverpool with my Cardiff team for te British league match- and it shitty weather i was just tired 3rd in 800m in a slow 1:54.5 and ran 53.0 for 400m!!! but i knew that the weeks training was far more important- but i would still like to have run better!
26th May Inter-counties -Bedford
My main reason for wanting to run this event was so that i could go and see my mum who is still having problems with her health- she has only just been old again that the lump on her neck needs more treatment and after cheomo last summer it looks like more of the same this summer. She love my running so i had hoped to go and visit and maybe win a couple of races! well thats what i hoped- 800m isn't my best event and i qualified as a fastest loser in 3rd with 1:52.37 and in a slow final was not in a great postion and got 5th in 1:52.95- still a good workout for a 1500m guy!
31st Wythemshawe BMC 1500m
i had a great few days before this race a really good session on the wednesday and i was ready to go! untill the friday night when coming back from my easy run i tripped on the hotel stairs and hurt my ankle! shit! not that bad but enough to keep me thinking about it! After a whole day to kill the race was around 8ish- i just didn't settle and finished badly running 3:43.56- and drove bak to Cardiff a bit pissed off!

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